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No alert after outage of a whole remote landscape


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


In a DSS environment the connection between the remote landscapes and the MLS box is monitored and an alarm "CONNECTION TO LANDSCAPE CANNOT BE ESTABLISHED" appears when the spectroSERVER loses the connection with the MLS machine (for ex. because it crashed), however if it is the remote landscape that crashes on MLS box a such alarm does not appear.
On the MLS explorer tree instead there is not the entry of the remote landscape:
and in this case if It is the remote landscape lvntest008820 that goes down, the MLS cannot generate the alarm on  lvntest008820 as this model does not exit on MLS.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This is FAD. The alarm is generated when the remote landscape is unable to connect to the MLS on port 48879. The alarm is not generated
  by the MLS but by the remote landscape. The MLS will not alarm if a remote landscape goes down.
Work-around: On your MLS server create your Remote Landscapes (eg. Landscape model = lvntest008820) when a remote landscape goes down the created  Landscape model is getting immediately alarmed as expected. eg.