Threshold Violation Alarms from CAPM display invalid URL (Associated Item URL) in Spectrum
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Threshold Violation Alarms from CAPM display invalid URL (Associated Item URL) in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Threshold violation alarms originating from CAPM contain the incorrect port/protocol for the Associated Item URL. 


This should be:

This also applies to url assigned to CAPC models in Spectrum when accessed via the context menu.

Verified configuration on PC for Web Site Scheme and Web Site Port are correct:

SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/Performance Center:

Web Service Scheme: http

Web Service Host: 10.x.x.x

Web Service Port: 8481

Web Service Inventory (Version 1): /dm/inventory

Web Service Data Source Admin: /dm/ds

Web Site Scheme: https

Web Site Host:

Web Site Port: 443

Web Site Path: /pc/desktop/page

SMTP Enabled: Enabled

SMTP Server Address:

SMTP Ports: 25

SMTP SSL: Disabled

Email Reply Address: [email protected]

Email Format: HTML

SMTP Username: 

SMTP Password: 

Web Service Inventory (Version 2): /dm/inventory2

SMTP Authentication: Disabled

Allow Performance Center in a frame: Enabled

Need to understand where this value is being obtained and what corrections would be needed on either Spectrum or CAPC to have the proper URL displayed in the Threshold Violation alarms.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Update the CAPC using SsoConfig or modify the post-refresh script you are using to set the values.

0 = default
1 = remote value
2 = local override

The URL is based off the Remote Value settings for Web Site Host/Scheme/Port values synced to Spectrum.

If not set to Priority 1 Spectrum won’t see them.

Additional Information

You can run the following MYSql Query to see the configuration: 

mysql -D netqosportal -unetqos -p -e "select PropName, PropValue, Priority, UpdatedOn from performance_center_properties where (PropName like 'NpcWebSite%' or PropName like 'Sso%') and (Priority>0);"
This configuration will reflect if the local override is being used in the priority column set to "2".