How to enable DEBUG when troubleshooting APM and EEM
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How to enable DEBUG when troubleshooting APM and EEM


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How can I enable DEBUG when troubleshooting EEM with APM?


Release : 10.7



There are 3 parts to this.  You must enable DEBUG on all 3 at the same time and reproduce the issue.  Logs to collect are listed below.

1.) Enable APM DEBUG On APM Server for EEM.

   Add the below properties to the file.  Then save and exit the file.



2.) Enable APM EEM SDK DEBUG On APM Server

  To collect the logs, we need to configure the following:

  a.) Go to <EM_HOME>/config/eiam.config. 
  b.) For the entry LoggerConfiguration, please provide the absolute path of the config log file location. 
      For example, if the EM is installed in /opt/Introscope it would look something like this 
         <LoggerConfiguration file="/opt/Introscope/config/eiam.log4j.config"/>.
  c.) Then in <EM Home>/config/eiam.log4j.config file, under SDK section, enter the absolute path the same as in b.)
       <param name="file" value="/opt/Introscope/config/eiam.javasdk.log" />
       and at the end of the file, change the value of error to trace
      <priority value="trace" />
     <appender-ref ref="SDK" />

3.) Enable EEM SERVER DEBUG On EEM Server

  a.) Open server.xml located here : <EEM Home>/EmbeddedEntitlementsManager/config/logger
  b.) At the bottom of the file starting approximately on line 118, change <level value="info"/> to <level value="debug"/> for the following loggers

   c.) If EEM is connected to an external directory server, then increase the level for the logger for eiam.server.ldap as well.

  NOTE: If you make a copy of this file before making changes, move the copy to the desktop of the EEM server. If you leave it in place it will cause issues.

   d.) Restart the iTechnology iGateway service 

  NOTE: After issue has been reproduced:
   e.) Restore the logging levels to "info"


Logs to collect:

1.) From APM server:

   a. <EM Home>/logs/IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log

   b. <EM Home>/config/eiam.javasdk.log


2.) From EEM Server:

   Zip and attach the <EEM Home>/EmbeddedEntitlementsManager/log folder to the issue with the date and time of the replication, along with the username information used to recreate the issue.