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Error: Unable to initiate the process XXX, please contact the administrator.


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Since I upgraded to I get an error when running a process through an action or a HTML portlet.

Even if I have process - start rights over the given process, I am unable to run the process.

By looking to the app-ca.log file I get the following exception:

ERROR 2020-06-26 12:37:03,938 [http-nio-80-exec-933] (clarity:myuser:5632180__2D600D19-446D-4577-B639-5A6D88BB442A:odata.StartProcess) Authorization is failed. Cannot start Process 5004001
ERROR 2020-06-26 12:37:14,594 [http-nio-80-exec-948] clarity.ui (clarity:myuser:5632180__2D600D19-446D-4577-B639-5A6D88BB442A:security.logs) UI_MSG[:Fri Jun 26 2020 14:37:09 GMT 0200 (Central European Summer Time):BPM-0013: You do not have rights to start one or more of the processes you selected.]


In, and 15.8.1 the following defect was fixed:

DE53552: Processes can be run through a HTML portlet even if the user does not have access rights to run processes 

As per the defect fix, whenever a process is launched the Process - Manage access right is checked
If the user does have the right, the process is initiated. Otherwise the error is thrown.


Clarity PPM or higher, and 15.8.1 or higher


Grant the Process - Manage access right to the affected user

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