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DWH job fails after modifying NSQL query which is already enabled for DWH


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The Load Data Warehouse (DWH) job fails if you modify a lookup query that is already enabled for DWH.


This is caused because of mismatch between Lookup views and the meta columns.


Release : 15.8

Component : Data Warehouse (DWH)


  1. Flush the application cache, so that the new lookup query is implemented.
  2. Navigate to Administration -> Objects -> ObjectName.
  3. Find the attribute which is using this lookup, exclude it from DWH. (See: Load DWH failing on custom lookup - finding the attribute to disable)
  4. Run DWH Full Load.
  5. Include the attribute back to DWH which was excluded on step 2.
  6. Run DWH Full Load.

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