Portfolio Ranking Rules not being applied on Waterline
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Portfolio Ranking Rules not being applied on Waterline


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  • When running portfolio ranking rules, the result is not what is expected.
  • One of our ranking rules is Business Unit Priority that is weighted at 5 where Higher is better.
  • However, projects that are have values of Low or Medium, for this field, show higher in the waterline then those that are set to High.


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  • Each lookup value in the ranking rules for a lookup needs to have a lookup value weighting assigned, as Clarity PPM uses this to determine which value is considered "High", "Medium", "Low". 
  • Ranking rules aren't able to determine based on text data which is "High", "Medium" etc so the weighting is used to manually tell Clarity which value is high/low.


  • Set the Lookup Value Weighting for each lookup value in the ranking rules.
  • Make sure to update this for each lookup (these will have a Lookup Value Weighting link next to them in the Weighted Ranking Rules window)
  • Example below using the attribute Business Unit Priority
  1. On the Waterlines tab, go to Define Ranking Rules
  2. Click on the link "Lookup Value Weighting" in the Business Unit Priority row

     3. Set the Weighting values to define which value is the highest using numbers
  • High - 3
  • Low - 1
  • Medium - 2
  • Very High - 4

    4. Now run Ranking Rules, and your projects should sort in the order expected. 

  • To sort/rank by those with a higher value such as Very High, High at the top of the waterline, set the Ranking Method for the lookup field to "Higher is Better" on the Weighted Ranking Rules popup window
  • If you want them to be ranked by those with a lower value, then set Ranking Method to Lower is better

Additional Information

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