CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Middleware troubleshooting
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CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Middleware troubleshooting


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With the new support in CA Gen 8.6 of ECI v2 for C clients (GUI, COM Proxy, and C Proxy), this article was written to cover troubleshooting advice and common errors for using ECI with Gen.
It can be used when implementing Gen C clients connected to Gen CICS servers via ECI v1 or V2.


CA Gen 8.6 C clients (GUI, COM Proxy, and C Proxy)
ECI v1 or V2


1. Where to look when problems arise:

Communications configuration:
  • Values set in commcfg.ini  (if creating a Gen Support case is ultimately required they can advise on setting debug options in this file)
  • Security type used (Enhanced, Standard, None)
  • Values before/after user exit
  • What type of ECI flow (v1, v2 COMMAREA, v2 CONTAINER)
  • Security errors
  • Communication errors
  • CICS Command errors (Get/Put Container)
Windows Event Viewer:
  • CTG errors
  • Application errors
CTG Online Documentation

2. Common Errors and possible root causes:

  • CTG not started – ECI v1
  • CTG not started – ECI v2
  • PortNumber not correct
  • CICS not running
  • ECI System Name not known to CTG
  • Attempt to send ECI v1 flow on IPIC network protocol
  • ECI System Name not known to CTG – Container
  • Attempt to send Container on non-IPIC network protocol
  • HostName not correct

Additional Information

See related KB article: CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Support
Related documentation:
CA GEN 8.6 > Release Notes > New Features > ECI V2 Support for CA Gen C Clients
CA GEN 8.6 > Glossary of Gen Terms > Distributed Processing Terminology > ECI Terminology
CA GEN 8.6 > Distributed Processing > Working With Distributed Processing > Overriding Communications Support at Execution Time 
NOTE commcfg.ini syntax for ECI v1 versus v2
v1: <TRANCODE> ECI {ECI System Name}
v2: <TRANCODE> ECI <StorageType> {HostName} {PortNumber} {ECI System Name}