Duplicate emails sent from Jaspersoft intermittently on the same report schedule
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Duplicate emails sent from Jaspersoft intermittently on the same report schedule


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The reports were scheduled the same way in Advanced Reporting and were working fine for a few years. Suddenly on one of them, you receive an immediate duplicate email (within a few seconds of the first email). All the CC'd users received the duplicate. This is intermittent. 


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



Checking the file properties of the emails will show they are coming from both Jaspersoft servers in cluster, respectively.

The issue is related to the fact that too many reports are scheduled in the same exact moment.


Make sure you don't have more than 5 reports scheduled at a time. Jaspersoft has a complicated logic on which reports get run at one time. The default settings are as below (timings may vary depending on the configuration):

  • 10 threads on each server so 10 reports will be picked up, then the other 9 will be waiting for up to 3 minutes before getting picked up etc. There is "misfire" if the threads are not free to put the report in waiting for 3 minutes, and the job will re-fire immediately and jump back into the queue, and the three-minute clock starts again. A software locking process will lock that job so that only one node will work on it.   If there was a misfire or an error on one server something could have gone wrong.

There may be a need to confirm with Broadcom and Tibco Support that your configuration is appropriate. If this is the case, Tibco does not recommend increasing thread amount or any of the misfire intervals set up.

  • If you have more than 10 reports, our recommendation would be to space out those reports and monitor them. There is additional logging that can be added but it might be adding some performance overhead so we prefer leaving that for a second option. Reschedule the reports in a manner so that there are 5 running at a time, then you can do another 5 10 min later etc.
    1. Go as an admin user to Advanced Reporting - View - Schedules
    2. Select the Edit icon

Additional Information

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