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Synchronize Roadmap Items - Capacity not updating back to null/0 once updated from Assignments/Allocations


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Roadmap Sync Linked Items - When trying to sync Capacity and select Allocations as the sync option, if the project allocation is null (0), the value won't be reset to zero. Only if the project allocation is not equal to Null, the capacity will be updated to Allocations from the project.


  1. Create a project with dates in 2020, default allocation 0% and 40 actuals posted
  2. Connect to Clarity New UX - Roadmaps
  3. Create a new roadmap for 2020
  4. Now add a project in 2020 - Import from PPM - pick your project
  5. Once imported go to the Grid view
  6. Note Capacity is null
  7. Now go to Item Action - Sync Linked Items
  8. It should be Allocations by default so just hit Sync
  9. Now go to Item Action - Sync Linked Items - Select from Assignments - Sync
  10. Note Capacity updated to 40
  11. Now go to Item Action - Sync Linked Items - Select from Allocations - Sync

Expected Results : Capacity to revert to null as it was selected from Allocations

Actual Results: Once Capacity is updated from Assignments it no longer syncs from Allocations

Same happens when the project has no actuals and only allocation - the Capacity, once updated will no longer update to 0/null.


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8

Component : Roadmaps


This is DE53589, fixed in 15.8.1