How to create and use custom Status types for computers
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How to create and use custom Status types for computers


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IT Management Suite


 Is there a way to create, delete and use custom Asset Status types?


ITMS 8.x


The following instructions describe how to create, delete and use custom Status types.

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, click on the Settings button > All Settings.
  2. Click on to expand the folders Service and Asset Management > CMDB Solution.
  3. Click on CMDB Global Settings.
  4. From here, custom Status types can be created or deleted:

    How to create a custom Status type

    a. Click in the Custom Status field.
    b. Type the name of the custom Status.
    c. Click on the Add button. Note: Custom Status types cannot be renamed. If the user needs to change a custom Status type's name, they must first delete it, recreate it with the correct name and then change the Status to the new name for any computers that previously were using the deleted name.

    How to delete a custom Status type

    a. Click in the custom Status drop-down field.
    b. Click on to select the custom Status to delete.
    c. Click on the Delete button. Any computers that have this deleted Status type will automatically have it removed and then their Status type will appear as Active (which ia actually "implied Active" as their actual Status type is not set). Note: Out of box Status types cannot be deleted.
  5. Once custom Status types are created, they automatically appear wherever the Status field appears at in the Symantec Management Console:

    How to use a custom Status type

    Select the custom Status type wherever the Status field is able to be used at. For example, the Status can be changed on a computer's create/edit page:


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