The TaskOutputPropertyValue table is growing very large
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The TaskOutputPropertyValue table is growing very large


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IT Management Suite


In the SQL database, the TaskOutputValueProperty table is growing very large.


ITMS 7.x - 8.x


When a Task is run, the outcome of the Task is stored in this table.  Each task run creates at least 4 records to hold the outcome of the Task.

Examples of the contents of this table are included below.



Run the following SQL query and to get a general idea of the Tasks being run that are generating a majority of the output in the table.

select tpv.*, ti.taskname from taskoutputpropertyvalue tpv
join evt_task_instances ti on ti.taskinstanceguid = tpv.taskinstanceguid
order by taskname

Then take one of the following options:

  • Decrease the frequency of these Task's run schedule.
  • Implement policies to accomplish the objective of repeated Tasks.
  • Verify that the Clean Up Task Data task is running as required.  If it is holding too much data please lower the row count and time Task Output is kept, according to the needs of your environment.
    • Location: Settings > Notification Server > Task Settings > Clean Up Task Data

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