How to gather a SAML trace
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How to gather a SAML trace


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You need to gather a SAML trace using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.



SAML Chrome Panel

To get SAML Chrome Panel:

  1. Open a Google Chrome Browser
  2. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Search for “SAML Chrome Panel”  
  4. Click Add to Chrome > Add extension
    1. Enable the SAML extension to work in Incognito Mode
    2. Select Extensions > SAML Chrome Panel > Manage Extensions
    3. Select On All Sites and enable Allow in incognito
  5. Open an incognito tab and disable "Block third party cookies"
  6. Access Chrome developer tools by right clicking and selecting Inspect
  7. Once the SAML Chrome Panel extension has been added, a SAML tab should be visible within this tool.

To obtain a SAML Trace with Chrome Panel:

  1. Open a new incognito window
  2. Open the developer tools and select the SAML tab
  3. Navigate to the website that uses SAML and duplicate the issue.
  4.  Once results have been captured, click export in the upper Right Corner of the tool:

  5. Results will be exported in a JSON format.


Firefox or Chrome/Microsoft Edge

SAML Tracer

  1. Download and add the SAML-tracer tool
  2. Open SAML-tracer by clicking the small orange button in the top-right corner
  3. Navigate to the website that uses SAML and duplicate the issue
  4. Identify SAML entries by the orange "SAML" label
  5. Export the entire SAML trace using "None" as the cookie-filter profile