Run SymDiag for Linux on Symantec Appliance
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Run SymDiag for Linux on Symantec Appliance


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Symantec Products


Collect data or run reports on a Symantec product appliance including ATP, PGP and SMG



  1. Login as root

  2. Create a directory:

    mkdir /support_automation

  3. Create a sub-directory:

    mkdir /support_automation/tmp

  4. Set permissions on the sub-directory:

    chmod 777 /tmp

  5. Copy to /support_automation using WinSCP

  6. Set execute permissions on

    chmod -x ./

  7. Run

    ./ -alldata -tempdir=”./tmp/”



SymDiag for Linux offers data collection and self-help reporting for PGP

  1. Follow the instructions in to allow Putty access

  2. Use Putty to transfer to the computer

  3. Set the execute flag:

    chmod +x

  4. Run




SymDiag for Linux offers Proactive Service reporting for SMG

10.6.4 of higher

  1. See the Command line interface access methods section on how to access the command line interface

  2. See the symdiag section in the Symantec Messaging Gateway [version] Command Line Reference

10.6.3 or lower

  1. Connect to the SMG Control Center as the support account using a tool that can transfer files.
  2. Copy to the /tmp folder
  3. Using the console prompt, change to the /tmp folder
  4. Set the execute flag: chmod +x
  5. Run symdiag for a Proactive Service scan: ./ -ps smg
  6. Once SymDiag has completed, it will display where it saved the file, which will be in the /tmp folder
  7. Copy the .sdbz file from the SMG Control Center so that it can be processed on a Windows system