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Installing and removing patches for Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


Resolving an issue that is fixed by applying a patch released for Messaging Gateway.


Login to command line console (locally or through SSH) with admin account.

List patches available for this SMG version:

    • Run command "patch list"

Examine the release note for a patch:

    • Run command "patch -p <SMG_VERSION> notes"
    • (Where <SMG_VERSION> is replaced with the version and patch version of SMG i.e. 10.6.3-267)

Download patch:

    • Run command "patch -p <SMG_VERSION> download"

Execute pre-update checks:

    • Run command "patch -p <SMG_VERSION> check"

Install patch: (NOTE: If the patch has not been previously downloaded, the patch will be downloaded as well)

    • Run command "patch -p <SMG_VERSION> install"

Verify patch application result:

    • Run command "show --version"
    • (NOTE: At this time there is no way to determine patch version from the Control Center web interface)

Remove patches:

    • Run command "patch remove"
    • (NOTE: The patch remove command will remove ALL patches. There is no method to remove patches individually)