How to Upgrade Content Analysis


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Content Analysis Software - CA


How to Upgrade Content Analysis.


Browse to and login. Select "Downloads" to reach the "Download Management" page. In the "Search Your Product" type the model of the device that you are upgrading and click on the link that is provided.

In the "Release" drop down choose the version that is needed.

There are two ways to upgrade the unit, either by locally uploading the image to the device or downloading it via a URL directly to the unit. See the instructions for both options below. 

  • Download the image for local upload.
    • Click on the one of the download options that coincides with the model being upgraded.

  • Direct Download via URL
    • Click on the model of the device that the image is needed for.
    • Click on the "Generate" link under the "Tokens" column.

Both options can be used in the Content Analysis Management Console under System -> Firmware

After successfully uploading the image, verify that the newly downloaded version is the default image, click save changes and click on Reboot system and load saved default system image.

Note: Content Analysis can store up to five unique software images.