Local Policy Files
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Local Policy Files


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This tech article provides additional information regarding the proxy local policy files.


A Local policy file is a file you create yourself. When the VPM (Visual Policy Manager) is not the primary tool used to define policy, the Local file contains the majority of the policy rules for a system. If the VPM is the primary tool, this file is either empty or includes rules for advanced policy features that are not available in the VPM.

You can install the Local policy file using the new SGAC in Configuration - Policy - Policy Options - Policy Files 
And using the kegacy Java management console in Configuration - Policy - Policy Files

The following methods are supported:

  • Using the ProxySG Text Editor, which allows you to enter directives (or copy and paste the contents of a previously created file) directly onto the appliance.  
  • Creating a file on your local system 
  • Using a remote URL, where you place a previously created file on an FTP or HTTP server to be downloaded to the appliance.  

 The appliance compiles the new policy from all source files and installs the policy, if the compilation is successful. 

Important Note(s):

  • If errors or warnings are produced upon loading the policy file, a summary of the errors and/or warnings will be displayed automatically.
  • If errors are present, the policy file is not installed.
  • If warnings are present, the policy file is installed, but the warnings should be examined. 
  • The appliance local file consists only of CPL (Content Policy Language) syntax.