Unable to activate Microsoft Office 2013 or Windows 8 through ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Attempts to activate Office 2013 or Windows 8 through a ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway appliance fail.


The servers involved in the activation are signed by an untrusted certificate authority.

A policy trace shows the following:

  POST https://activation.sls.microsoft.com/SLActivateProduct/SLActivateProduct.asmx?configextension=o14

  user: unauthenticated
  authentication status='not_attempted' authorization status='not_attempted'
  EXCEPTION(ssl_domain_invalid): Request could not be handled
  url.category: Technology/[email protected] Coat
  server.certficate.hostname.category: Technology/[email protected] Coat


To resolve the issue:

  1. Create a new rule in an SSL Access Layer.
  2. Set the Destination to a Request URL, simple match "activation.sls.microsoft.com".
  3. Create a new object in the Action field.
  4. Select Server Certificate Validation, and then select the Disable server certificate validation option.
  5. Copy the rule. In the new rule, set the Destination to "validation.sls.microsoft.com".
See the following example: