How long will the proxy wait before timing out when communicating to a device
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How long will the proxy wait before timing out when communicating to a device


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The proxy times-out when communicating to a server that is known to take a long time to respond to a particular request. What is the default timeout value for the proxy communicating to a device and can this value be changed?


The 'show http' console command will display various settings for the HTTP proxy service.

Proxy>show http
Supported protocol version: HTTP version preserved
Caching options:
  Cache authenticated data: enabled
  Cache expired objects:    enabled
  Cache personal pages:     disabled
  Strip From Headers:       disabled
  Byte range support:       enabled
  Force NTLM on proxy IE:   disabled
  Rewrite redirects for XP: disabled
  Revalidate "pragma: no-cache":    disabled
  WWW redirect if host not found:   enabled
Force explicit expirations:
  Never refresh before:     disabled
  Never serve after:        disabled
Add headers:
  "Front-end-https":        disabled
  "Via":                    disabled
  "X-forwarded-for":        disabled
  "Client-ip":              disabled
Parsing options:
  HTML meta tag "Cache-Control":    enabled
  HTML meta tag "Expires":          enabled
  HTML meta tag "Pragma: no-cache": enabled
Persistent connections:
  Client connections:       enabled
  Server connections:       enabled
Clientless request:
  Global limit:               200
  Pipeline limit:             5
  Server limit:               50
  Client requests:          enabled
  Client redirects:         enabled
  Prefetch requests:        enabled
  Prefetch redirects:       enabled
Substitute simple Get for:
  Get "if-modified-since":  disabled
  Get "pragma: no-cache":   disabled
  HTTP 1.1 Conditional get: disabled
  Internet Explorer reload: disabled
Proprietary header extensions:
  Blue Coat extensions:     disabled
FTP proxy:
  Url path is:              absolute from root
Configuration/access log uploads: will use PASV
Persistent connection timeouts:
  Server:                   900
  Client:                   360

Receive timeouts:
  Server:                   180
  Client:                   120
  Refresh:                  90

tolerant-request-parsing: disabled
location-header-rewrite: disabled
exception-on-network-error: enabled

The 'Receive timeouts' values identify the default time (in seconds) for each type of proxy connection.

Timeout   MeaningCPL command
ServerConnections between the proxy and the web serverhttp.server.recv.timeout( )
ClientConnections between the proxy and the client make the requesthttp.client.recv.timeout( )
RefreshClientless connections, e.g. the proxy connecting to a web server to refresh its' cache   http.refresh.recv.timeout( )

    These values can be changed using policy on a per-site, per-URL or per-client basis, e.g. 

        server_url.domain="" http.server.recv.timeout(300)
        url.domain="" http.server.recv.timeout(600)
    client.address= http.client.recv.timeout(240)