Edge SWG (ProxySG) timeout value when communicating with client or server
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Edge SWG (ProxySG) timeout value when communicating with client or server


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The proxy times-out when communicating to a server that is known to take a long time to respond to a particular request. What is the default timeout value for the proxy communicating to a device and can this value be changed?


The 'show http' console command will display various settings for the HTTP proxy service.

Proxy>show http
Supported protocol version: HTTP version preserved
Caching options:
  Cache authenticated data: enabled
  Cache expired objects:    enabled
  Cache personal pages:     disabled
  Strip From Headers:       disabled
  Byte range support:       enabled
  Force NTLM on proxy IE:   disabled
  Rewrite redirects for XP: disabled
  Revalidate "pragma: no-cache":    disabled
  WWW redirect if host not found:   enabled
Force explicit expirations:
  Never refresh before:     disabled
  Never serve after:        disabled
Add headers:
  "Front-end-https":        disabled
  "Via":                    disabled
  "X-forwarded-for":        disabled
  "Client-ip":              disabled
Parsing options:
  HTML meta tag "Cache-Control":    enabled
  HTML meta tag "Expires":          enabled
  HTML meta tag "Pragma: no-cache": enabled
Persistent connections:
  Client connections:       enabled
  Server connections:       enabled
Clientless request:
  Global limit:               200
  Pipeline limit:             5
  Server limit:               50
  Client requests:          enabled
  Client redirects:         enabled
  Prefetch requests:        enabled
  Prefetch redirects:       enabled
Substitute simple Get for:
  Get "if-modified-since":  disabled
  Get "pragma: no-cache":   disabled
  HTTP 1.1 Conditional get: disabled
  Internet Explorer reload: disabled
Proprietary header extensions:
  Blue Coat extensions:     disabled
FTP proxy:
  Url path is:              absolute from root
Configuration/access log uploads: will use PASV
Persistent connection timeouts:
  Server:                   900
  Client:                   360

Receive timeouts:
  Server:                   180
  Client:                   120
  Refresh:                  90

tolerant-request-parsing: disabled
location-header-rewrite: disabled
exception-on-network-error: enabled

The 'Receive timeouts' values identify the default time (in seconds) for each type of proxy connection.

Timeout   Meaning CPL command
Server Connections between the proxy and the web server http.server.recv.timeout( )
Client Connections between the proxy and the client make the request http.client.recv.timeout( )
Refresh Clientless connections, e.g. the proxy connecting to a web server to refresh its' cache    http.refresh.recv.timeout( )

These values can be changed using policy on a per-site, per-URL or per-client basis, e.g. 

    server_url.domain="www.website.com" http.server.recv.timeout(300)
    url.domain="http://www.website.com/slow-response.html" http.server.recv.timeout(600)
client.address= http.client.recv.timeout(240)

If you want to change the above settings globally (for all sites), you can use the commands below:

# (config) http receive-timeout client seconds
Sets receive timeout for client to the specified number of seconds.

# (config) http receive-timeout refresh seconds
Sets receive timeout for refresh the specified number of seconds.

# (config) http receive-timeout server seconds
Sets receive timeout for server to the specified number of seconds.