CA Web Viewer 12.1 Download the latest Install File -Compatible with MS Windows Server 2019 & 2016


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CA Output Management Web Viewer


How to Download the latest version (.iso) of Web Viewer 12.1 from Broadcom support.  

Can CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 be installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2016?  

Is Web Viewer 12.1 compatible with MS Windows Server 2016 or 2019?



New install file required for MS Windows 2019


MS Windows Server 2016

MS Windows Server 2019

MS Windows Server 2016 Core

All Platforms



Yes. Windows Server 2016 including Core has been certified.  See below for special instructions for Windows Core

Windows Server 2019 requires a new install image (.iso) which is available on the Broadcom support site.  It works on all supported platforms and it replaces the previous install file and is backwards compatible and will also install on earlier versions of Windows. It includes all maintenance through cumulative build 203 and only maintenance greater than build 203 should be applied on it.  It includes Tomcat 8.5.4 when doing a full install.   

  • Go to the download page for Web Viewer 12.1 all platforms.
  • Select the .iso file highlighted below
  • Click on the cloud icon to the right of the .iso to download 

Additional Information

If you are installing on Windows 2016 Core

Web Viewer 12.1 Windows Core 2016 Special Instructions