Run a Proactive Services - Protection Overview report in SymDiag
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Run a Proactive Services - Protection Overview report in SymDiag


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Symantec Products


Examine a Symantec product installation for its conformity to best practice configuration and perform other system state analysis


About the Symantec Diagnostic Tool

The Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag) is a multi-product, multi-language diagnostic and security analysis utility.  SymDiag is designed to provide self-help support for Symantec product technical issues, zero day threat analysis, best practice recommendations and proactive services to customers.  If further assistance is needed, SymDiag lowers customer effort and increases support efficiency by providing automated data gathering and support case submission.

Proactive Services - Protection Overview Data Collection

SymDiag Proactive Service reports are designed to provide deployment analysis including:

  • Overview
  • Detection Summary
  • Client Distribution
  • Site Summary
  • Site Configuration
  • Policy Review
  • Asset Review


In order to obtain the data needed to generate the report, SymDiag should be run with administrator access on the system with the Symantec product

Obtaining the Protection Overview Report

Whenever a self-help or data collection scan is run against a Symantec product in SymDiag, the Proactive Services - Protection Overview report, if available for that product, will also be generated.  It is also possible to run the report separately as follows:

Detailed Steps (Windows)

  1. Download the latest version of SymDiag:
    Download SymDiag
  2. Execute the SymDiag binary and accept the EULA

  3. From the 'Proactive Services' menu select your product.  If the product is greyed out this indicates that SymDiag did not detect the supported product on this system. 

  1. From the Additional Options page, check the desired boxes (these are optional) and click Next.
  2. Enter your database password and click Test Connection. 


  3. If the test was successful, click Next.

  4. On the Data collection options for DLP Enforce Server page, select the desired settings (these are optional) and click Next.
  5. It can take several minutes for the data collection to complete. Once finished you will see a page where you can open a case or save the file locally.
  6. After saving the report to a case or on the local system, you can review the Protection Overview report by clicking on the Protection Overview: Enforce Server tab.

    You then have the option to save the report as a Word document.

Detailed Steps (Linux)

Use the following command-line statement to run Proactive Service - Protection Overview on Linux:

sudo ./ -prod enforce -enforcedb xxx
...where xxx is the password for the enforce database

To add data collection for support data use the command-line parameter 'prod' to indicate the product:

On a system with DLP Detection...
sudo ./ -prod detection

On a system with DLP Enforcer and Detector...
sudo ./ -prod enforce,detection -enforcedb xxx
...where xxx is the password for the enforce database