Does Live LDAP Lookup support Secure LDAP / LDAPS Symantec Data Loss Prevention
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Does Live LDAP Lookup support Secure LDAP / LDAPS Symantec Data Loss Prevention


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Can Live LDAP Lookup authenticate through secure LDAP (636/tcp instead of 389/tcp)?


DLP 15.1 and later


We can setup the LDAP connection for the lookup plugin to use a secure ldap connection on port 636. 

To setup the secure ldap connection we need to import the AD certificate into the cacerts keystore on the enforce server. 

  1. You will have to get the AD certificate that you are connecting to in your LDAP lookup plugin configuration.
    1. Note: Whatever host you are connecting to, you will get the AD certificate.
  2. You will need to import this certificate into the enforce cacerts keystore, see the enforce help file on importing the certificate into enforce cacerts keystore also listed below:
    1. Copy the certificate file you want to import to the Enforce Server.
    2. Change directory to
      1. For DLP 15.1-15.7 -- C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataLossPrevention\ServerJRE\<version>\bin on the Enforce Server or Discover Server computer.
      2. For DLP 15.8 and newer – C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJRE\<version>\bin
  3. Execute the keytool utility with the -importcert option to import the public key certificate to the Enforce Server cacerts keystore:
    1. keytool -importcert -alias myAdServer -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -file my-domaincontroller.crt
      1. In this example command
        1. myAdServer is a new alias to assign to the imported certificate
        2. my-domaincontroller.crt is the path to your certificate
  4. When prompted, enter the password for the keystore.
    1. By default, the password is in the administration guide.
    2. The password can be changed when prompted.
      1. To change the password, use: keytool -storepasswd -new <newPassword> -alias <aliasName> -keystore <keystore>
  5. Create a directory connection in enforce; make sure the port is 636 and you check the box for secure connection.
  6. Once connection is successful, save the connection on enforce.
  7. On your Ldap lookup plugin configuration, use the secure_ldap connection you created in the previous steps, and test the ldap plugin.

You will now be pulling data securely over port  636  for the ldap plugin,  which is now secure.