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Configure Enforce Server to send email alerts


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Configure Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce to send alerts and reports.


  1. Go to System > Settings > General and click Configure.
  2. In the Reports and Alerts section, select one of the following distribution methods:
    1. Send reports as links, login is required to view
    2. Send report data with emails
  3. Enter the Enforce Server domain name or IP address in the Fully Qualified Manager Name field. If you send reports as links, Symantec Data Loss Prevention uses the Domain name as the basis of the URL in the report email. Do not specify a port number unless you have modified the Enforce Server to run on a port other than the default of 443.
  4. If you want alert recipients to see any correlated incidents, check the Correlations Enabled box. When correlations are enabled, users see them on the Incident Snapshot screen.
  5. In the SMTP section, identify the SMTP server to use for sending out alerts and reports, enter the relevant information in the following fields:
    1. Server: The fully qualified hostname or IP address of the SMTP server that Symantec Data Loss Prevention uses to deliver system events and scheduled reports.
    2. System email: The email address for the alert sender. Symantec Data Loss Prevention specifies this email address as the sender of all outgoing email messages. Your IT department may require the system email to be a valid
    3. Email address on your SMTP server.
    4. User ID: If your SMTP server requires it, type a valid username for accessing the server. For example, enter DOMAIN\bsmith.
    5. Password: If your SMTP server requires it, enter the password for the User ID.
  6. Click Save.

After completing the configuration described here, you can schedule the sending of specific reports and create specific system alerts.