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What Port is used by the Endpoint Agent to communicate with the Endpoint Server?


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Which port is used by the Endpoint Agent to communicate with the Endpoint Server?


Endpoint Agent to Endpoint Server communication is over port 8000 by default for DLP 12.0.x and lower, for DLP 12.5.x+, port 10443 is used.  This port can be changed in the UI, under the Endpoint Server configuration page:

  1. Click Administration -> System -> Overview
  2. Click the Endpoint Server -> Configure button
  3. Change the Port number value on the Agent Listener tab
  4. Click Save button to save your changes.

NOTE: The Endpoint Agent's port number (the one used to connect to its Endpoint Server) can be set during the installation, or during post installation by changing the port number setting in the SQLite database. This can be done by using vontu_sqlite3.exe located in the installation package in the Tools directory. A re-start of the Endpoint Agent process will cause it to update its port number.