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How to change stored credentials on IT Analytics Reporting Server Configuration


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IT Analytics


When attempting to change the Authentication Type configuration of the Reporting Server, the Symantec Management Platform gives an error citing insufficient permissions, even when the service account used has been granted all the proper permissions.

"The permissions granted to user 'domain/username' are insufficient for performing this operation"


  1. In Internet Explorer Navigate to the report configuration URL "http://'SQLServername'/Reports".
  2. Click on Report folder for IT Analytics.
  3. Click on the Data Source with the name of your IT analytics data source. 
  4. Change the credentials to the desired credentials.
  5. Click Test Connections button.
  6. If test is successful click the apply button.
  7. Navigate back to the Symantec Management Platform.
  8. Navigate to Settings>notification server>IT Analytics.
  9. IT Analytics Settings>Configuration.
  10. Click the edit icon by Reporting server authentication type.
  11. Insure the correct credentials are now in the fields.