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'Retired' status is automatically being changed to 'Active' when basic inventory reports in.


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IT Management Suite


When Basic Inventory is received from an agent, the computer's status is changed from 'Retired' to 'Active'


With Notification Server 6.0, computers with a 'Retired' status will not change to 'Active' if Basic Inventory for that computer was recieved. Full Inventory was one of the ways to do that. See HOWTO1349 "Retired computers don't automatically change back to active"and TECH25606 "Changing the status of non-active computer resources to Active when Inventory Solution data is received" 


This is not considered a defect. This behavior was introduced with SMP 7. Changing from 'Retired' to 'Active' is expected.

With the introduction of SMP SP5 Rollup v18 (See HOWTO36013) and later releases (planned for SMP 7.0 MR4 and SMP 7.1 SP1), Development added an option into the CoreSettings.config to stop Basic Inventory from overwriting the resource status currently on the NS:

Steps to stop the status from changing to Active when Basic Inventory is sent in by the agent:

1. Open the "Coresettings.config" file
2. Search for the attribute "ReactivateResourcesWhenInventoryReceived"
3. Change value from "True" to "False"


See also TECH147338  "KNOWN ISSUE: Resource Status is being overwritten on the parent server in Hierarchy" for related issue.


Applies To


Symantec Management Platform 7.0, 7.1