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NEWPW Control Option and Parameters SW and SC


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


We recently implemented Control Option "SW" (National Character required) for our NEWPW configuration.  The SW Control Option will not allow the National Character in the first or last position.
You receive:
TSS7111E New Password (Change) Invalid - Not Properly Split 

If we instead used the SC Option and define the special characters to the PASSCHAR list, would that allow the special characters to be entered in the first or last position? 


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security


You cannot start a password with a special character regardless of what your settings are. 
Setting SW will not allow special characters as the first or last character in the password. 
Setting SC and putting the special characters in the PASSCHAR list allows the special characters to be in any position except the first character.