Is SSL offloading supported by ITMS?
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Is SSL offloading supported by ITMS?


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IT Management Suite



The customer wants to know if we support SSL Offloading. He described his setup as thus: 

  • Setup HTTPS on the Citrix Netscaler but it talks to the SMP via HTTP

  • Client –(HTTPS) -->Citrix--(HTTP) -->SMP


ITMS 8.5, 8.6, 8.7



Currently (as ITMS 8.1 release and later)
No, we do not support SSL offloading officially. We never tested it with Citrix or with other devices such as F5. 

This feature is more usable for real high-end traditional web servers hosted for big loads.

SSL offloading is the process of removing the SSL-based encryption from incoming traffic to relieve a web server of the processing burden of decrypting and/or encrypting traffic sent via SSL. The processing is offloaded to a separate device designed specifically for SSL acceleration or SSL termination.
SSL termination is particularly useful when used with clusters of SSL VPNs because it greatly increases the number of connections a cluster can handle.