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RC/Migrator; Where is detail on Symbolic Variables used in models documented?


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Where are the Symbolic variables documented that are used within the Utility Models for RC/Migrator?


Component: RCM


Symbolic variables are variables that are included within the Utility Models, which substitute values for the variable. The variables allow the JCL and product control statements for a Model JCL member be used repeatedly.  In addition, conditional testing can be done along with the option to change data set names, or specify different calculations than the default.

There are two types of symbolic parameters:

  • Automatic symbolics are replaced automatically when the utility is executed.

         To see the automatic symbolics in use within a Utility model, place an 'S' next to the utility, for example FAST UNLOAD.

         On the command line enter AUTOSYMS:

Scroll down: 



  • User-defined symbolics require the entry of a value. The specified value replaces the symbolic when the utility is executed.




Additional Information

Detail on the Symbolic Variables available is documented in the RC/Migrator guide under:  Symbolic Parameters