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SDM: Using pdm_cache_refresh and pdm_load may result in "Cannot get ddict col entry for 'id'"


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How does pdm_load and pdm_cache_refresh relate to one another?  When I am trying to load data into a given table, such as the Call_Req table, I am getting:

When I run "pdm_cache_refresh -t call_req" I get the message "Cannot get ddict col entry for 'id'"


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9

CA Service Desk Manager 14.1

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


Most CA SDM daemons and executables maintain a cache in dynamic memory of database records. This cache improves performance by eliminating the need to access the database when the required data is already available. CA SDM executables notify each other of database updates, so that the cache can always be kept up-to-date. However, there is no notification of updates from external utilities, such as pdm_load, pdm_userload, or third party database utilities. If new data is loaded into the database from one of these external sources, it is necessary to use the pdm_cache_refresh utility with the following syntax:

pdm_cache_refresh -t tablename

Keep in mind that the tablename is case sensitive. The table names are documented in the "Data Element Dictionary" part of the documentation.

For example:

pdm_cache_refresh -t call_req
Cannot get ddict col entry for 'id'

use instead:

pdm_cache_refresh -t Call_Req