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Log file guidance - files to provide to Clarity support


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


You would like to provide the correct log files to Broadcom Support to troubleshoot your issue. Which file should you provide based on what issue you are facing and where can you find it? 


Release: Any
Component: Clarity Application


Log Selection Guidance

Summary on which logs you may need to provide to Broadcom Support.

Example Issue

Logs that need to be provided

 Clarity install/upgrade for On Premise customers

 install.log, admin.log and zipped checkinstall directory + properties.xml

 Load Data Warehouse job

 all the bg-dwh.logs

 Advanced Reporting and Jaspersoft issue


 Any error within the Clarity application


 Error in Clarity NSA / CSA


 For issues with starting services or outages

 Provide the -system log for the corresponding service. I.e. app-system.log if unable to start app service



 Jobs or processes errors






For a Project Save Failed error, provide the app-ca.logs. 

Otherwise, see: XML, MPP and MSP Logs for Troubleshooting MSP Issues


For anything not listed above or if you're not certain about the exact logs, zip your entire $clarity/logs/ directory and provide it on the ticket.

Default log locations

Jaspersoft logs


  • jasperserver.log

Clarity logs

$NIKU_HOME\logs or $clarity/logs (if logs not available there, check Alternate Log location in CSA)

  • bg-dwh.log
  • app-ca.log
  • app-system.log
  • bg-ca.logbg-system.log
  • admin.log
  • beacon-system.log

Clarity Config files

$NIKU_HOME\config or $clarity/config

  • properties.xml
  • logger.xml

Clarity install logs

$install directory (where the install.jar was extracted)

  • install.log

Tips on providing the logs

  • Get the logs with the correct timestamp that covers the period of the issue.
  • Provide the logs from all the servers in a cluster unless the issue affects only one specific server.
  • Zip the files whilst on the server and before you transfer them from one server to another.

What if I have multiple instances for this log?

By default, the Clarity logs will have 3 backups. This would mean that you will always have one current log (i.e. xxxx-ca.log and 3 backups:

  • xxxx-ca.log.1
  • xxxx-ca.log.2
  • xxxx-ca.log.3)

If your log by timestamp only contains the issue in the current log, then you can only provide the current one. If you are not sure when the issue occurred or want to make sure all the information is captured, then archive and provide all the 4 logs, including the 3 backups.

What to do next once I got the logs I needed?

  1. Connect to your Broadcom Support ticket
  2. Go to Attachments
  3. Upload your logs for Product Support review

Please note this is a guidance instruction in order to save time and ensure Broadcom Support has the appropriate logs faster. After the engineer reviews the provided logs, additional logs and tracing may still be needed.

Additional Information

See also: Debugging/logs for troubleshooting Clarity Issues