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How to take a Backup of the Deployed Virtual Services in DevTest.


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Administrator's of application servers want to take a backup of deployed services, in case some of them get removed and need to be restored?

If backup is available, then the virtual services can be restored in DevTest? 







All supported releases and platforms of DevTest.



When a virtual service is deployed, VSname.mar file and VSname.mar.tracking folder are created automatically in DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder and these are deleted when VS is removed in the VSE console. Another folder is also created in lisatmp_x.x.x/lads folder, which will have the VS details.

where lisatmp_x.x.x refers to lisatmp_VersionOfDevTest.

You can copy just the VSname.mar files for your backup purposes and tracking folder will be created automatically when you copy the VSname.mar files to DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder. 

When you copy the VSname.mar files to DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder a new folder is also created in lisatmp_xxx/lads folder with the updated VS details.

Documentation doesn't refer the backup of VS's but it says where the MAR files are. 

Additional Information


Refer to the SV Installation and Configuration section in the documentation of the version of DevTest you are running.