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CA OM Web Viewer Login Password Question


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When a users' mainframe password expires, are they notified after they login that their password will expire or has expired? I always change my password via a Mainframe Display, so I don't know.




A Web Viewer Administrator may enable password management from within the Web Viewer. 
. . From Administration / Preferences / General Preferences, under Login/Logout, you may: 
Display change password: 
o Allowed 
o Not allowed 
o Only allowed after password is expired. 
But no, there's no proactive notification. The message you may see on the mainframe (your password will expire in xx days), is not echoed back through the Web Viewer. From the Web Viewer perspective, you only know that your password has expired when you get the Message from Remote Host : login failed - UserID or Password incorrect - or something of that ilk.