I have written a CA Endevor post-ship script and it is not working corretly.
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I have written a CA Endevor post-ship script and it is not working corretly.


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After creating a script for post-ship processing, the script that should have been used after the ship was not executed.  

Primarily they were missing the #RJNVRA and #RJNVRB jobs. 
#RJNVRA is used to execute after the remote copy step and #RJNDVRB, is used to be executed 
before the remote copy step.

I have added information for a post-ship script.  The script is not working the way i want it to. 
How should the script be setup to execute properly?


Component: ENDBAS


Script data sets are just like any other processor output file.  You create them in a processor and ship them to a
remote location.  The difference is the symbolic substitution, which happens on the host side before the shipment
takes place and the fact that they are NOT copied to a target dataset at the remote location.

There are 2 skelaton JCL member that you must update to do whatever you need to with the script file
members at the remote locatation: #RJNVRA, executed after the remote copy step and #RJNDVRB, executed
before the remote copy step.

These 2 skeleton JCL membes are what contain the steps that process the script members.  There are
samples in the documentation.

The last piece is the &ZZ symbols created that must be used in the #RJNDVA and #RJNVRB members.  The 
symbol is creaed from the last qualifier of the host script dataset name, prefixed with ZZ:  if your 
DSN=PUBLIC.TEST.SCRIPT then the symbols used in the #RJNDVRA and #RJNDVRB members would be

The &ZZSCRUOT symbol resolves to the remote staging dataset name so the script members that are shipped
(which are now in the remote staging dataset) can be used by the step added in the #RJNVRA and #RJNVRB