SQL Incompatibilities (IFCID 366):V9CHRFUN-Applications Affected By DB2 Changes


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When I went into "SQL Incompatibilities (IFCID 366)" option in CA insight, its shows me list of incompatibilities list as below,

 Program name    Incompatibility reason    Code Stmt ID (HEX)    Type    Count    number   number   ConnName Auth ID  Corr ID                                                                                                                         

_ CUD_GENERIC_DATA  Pre-V10 LTRIM/RTRIM/STRIP 10  0000000000000000 Static  422  1    3   SERVER  DICPS02P RepairOrd

 _ CUD_VMBAS2_UPD   Pre-V10 LTRIM/RTRIM/STRIP  10  0000000000000000 Static  5     0    1  DB2CALL APLPSCH  VHTVA01P 

 _ DEL_MTVEXT_DATA  Pre-V10 LTRIM/RTRIM/STRIP 10   0000000000000000 Static  51    1    4     SERVER   DCRTIM1P Alliance.

 _ DRV_CNTL_SRC_DATA Pre-V10 LTRIM/RTRIM/STRIP 10 000000000000F3A4 Static  15   1    3    SERVER   DCRTIM1P Alliance.

 _ DRV_CNTL_SRC_DATA  Pre-V10 LTRIM/RTRIM/STRIP 10   000000000000F3A5 Static  15 1    4   SERVER   DCRTIM1P Alliance.

 Can you please help me to understand, what action needs to be taken to fix this?



Component: CIDB


DB2 11 introduced IFC ID 376 as a serviceability trace record. This trace record identifies application SQL statements that are affected by changes to DB2 and the reason the SQL statement is affected. 

This request provides a trace of SQL executed by statement ID. It lists the plan, package collection, program name, SQL statement information and the reason the SQL statement is affected. This trace record is written once for each unique dynamic and static statement.

It's for you to determine the programs and SQL statements that are affected so that they can be modified to work with the new DB2 behavior.