Default End Date in Out of Office Assistant Task
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Default End Date in Out of Office Assistant Task


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We are using the Out Of the Box functionality for Out Of Office, by use of Out Of Office Assistant Task where the initiator searches for some user whom he/she wants to put as his/her assistant during absence.

Is there a way we put some default end date in this task when a user does not specify anything as end date.


Component: IDMGR


Write a BLTH javascript for the "Out Of Office Assistant" task (Profile tab). 

Here is my sample setting the enddate as the current date + 7 days: 


function handleSetSubject(BlthContext, errorMessage) { 

importPackage( ; 

importClass( ; 

importClass( ; 


var vTabHandlers = BlthContext.getTaskTabHandlers() ; 


if (vTabHandlers != null) { 

for ( i = vTabHandlers.elements(); i.hasMoreElements();) { 

var e = i.nextElement() ; 

var cal = Calendar.getInstance(); 

cal.add(Calendar.DATE, 7); 


return true;