XCOMINIT and XCOMLOG Dataset for each Transfer?
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XCOMINIT and XCOMLOG Dataset for each Transfer?


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When you execute several Transfers in separate EXEC-Steps you get an XCOMINIT and XCOMLOG Dataset for each Step separately:

JobName  JobId     Queue    Datasets

XCOMSCED JOB03732  OUTPUT          9


Cmd      DDname   Stepname Procstep Status

________ JESMSGLG JES2              HELD 

________ JESJCL   JES2              HELD 

________ JESYSMSG JES2              HELD 

________ XCOMINIT STEP01            HELD 

________ XCOMLOG  STEP01            HELD  

________ XCOMINIT STEP02            HELD 

________ XCOMLOG  STEP02            HELD 

________ XCOMINIT STEP03            HELD 

________ XCOMLOG  STEP03            HELD

How can this be restricted to one XCOMINIT and one XCOMLOG only?


Component: XCMVS


This is nothing which can be changed by XCOM, this is how JES works: for each EXEC-Step all necessary Datasets are created and put into the Job Output.

If you want to avoid this and need the Joboutput of several XCOM-Transfers in one Dataset then you can use the Parameter NEWXFER instead of several Steps. The advantage of NEWXFER is that you only need to specify the changed parameters for the following transfer, all Parameters not specified are taken from the previous transfer or from Defaults.

Additional Information

A more detailed explanation of parameter NEWXFER can be found in the Using Manual for XCOM for z/OS 12.0, available at this link: https://docops.ca.com/xdtz/12-0/en/using/the-batch-interface/sysin01-parameters.