Modifying transfer JCL for CA XCOM for z/OS 12.0 for TLS V1.2 support?


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We need to have everyone use TLS V1.2 with XCOM.  

Is there a possible way so that we would not have to have all of our batch jobs updated?

Are there parameters that I can set in the config file that will make this happen?


Release: 12.0
Component: XCMVS

CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Yes, you avoid updating all your JCL. 

  • Use SSL=ALLOW in the config file if you plan to run ANY SSL/TLS transfers.
  • Use SSL=ONLY to disallow non-SSL/TLS transfers altogether. 

As long as you use System SSL (a requirement for using TLSv1.2 on z/OS), even the non-SSL port will convert the conversation to use SSL if it is requested by the partner.