Updating Adapter Listener Queue location after BSI server migration
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Updating Adapter Listener Queue location after BSI server migration


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After moving an application server, the old server is still referenced on startup by the Adapter Listener for Message Queues. How do I correct this?

Full error in the t_log reads

Error handling command from listener queue. Communication error : Problem performing operation on queue.
Machine: "<old server hostname>"
Queue: "OG Adapter Listener"
Operation: "Open Queue"
Error: Unknown error 0xC00E0025
Additional error information:
Code: 0xc00e0025
Explanation: Returned when access to the specified queue or computer is denied. When returned, verify that your are allowed the access rights for performing the operation on the applicable object (for example, creating, setting properties, or deleting a queue). To change the access rights of a queue, call MQSetQueueSecurity.


Component: OBLCRE


The new hostname must be set in the following locations:

The server listed in the Adapter definition

Contents of the Config.xml file

Inside the t_readers table of the database, the column READER_CONFIGURATION

Inside the t_readers_files table of the database, the column FILE_CONTENT

Administration->Site Settings->Advanced->Queues

With these changes made, it will no longer trigger the error.