AdminUI : Getting "An error occurred while displaying this page" error when trying to set a User Context variable on a Domain


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We get an error when trying to create a User Context variable for a Domain. To do this, we access the AdminUI and go to Policies > Domain > Domains, and then modify the domain. We go then to the Variables tab, and click Create. Then, we select "Create a new object of type Variable" and click OK, and we set the "Variable Type" to "User Context", obtaining the error:

"An error occurred while displaying this page."

There is any solution for this error?


AdminUI R12.51Policy Server R12.51


To solve this error you have to upgrade AdminUI and Policy Server to R12.52 (or higher), as there has been many fixes brought in the AdminUI "IAM framework" and one of these changes solves this behavior.

Also, there is a workaround that you could apply to be able to configure the User Context variable from there: When you try to create the variable, and you get the error, click on the "Ok" button and you will get into the creation page (which will display an error as the value for the variable has not been set yet), but it will allow you to configure the variable then, despite that initial error message.