detector collections did not autostart when ssid starts
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detector collections did not autostart when ssid starts


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Detector collections did not autostart when the ssid starts


I have Auto set to AUTO(A)

So why are the Detector collections not starting when the ssid restarts?



z/os DB2


The AUTO option is only available with the modify format start command. 

This is true for both PDT and PSA. 


Effectively, for the AUTO option to work there must be no manual 

intervention i.e. when XMANAGER is started, that should initiate 

the collection via the XMANINIT parms. While Xmanager remains up, any 

stop of DB2 subsytems should stop the appropriate collection(s). When the 

same DB2 subsystem is restarted, collection should automatically begin 



If there has been a manual stop/start of collections in this process, then 

the AUTO process will stop tracking until XMANAGER is recycled and the whole 

process starts again.