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Why are the characters EXEC: inserted into the Window's session title bar in CA Automation Point?


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While developing/testing a rexx program to dynamically change the current active Session Definition Set to a different pre-defined Set, I noticed the characters "Exec:" inserted into the Window's session title bar (on the top line after the defined title and just prior to the server name). These characters do not exist in the program.

Why are the characters Exec: inserted into the window's session title bar in CA Automation Point?

For example, we see something like this in the window's session title bar: 

PRODUCTION SYS1:Exec: <Window's session title>



> VMware servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 & Windows Server 2008 x64, > AP R11.5.1.0.


These extra characters started to appear after update to CA Automation Point 11.5. The Window's Session Title started to be displayed instead of Window's Session Name in the Remote Viewer. The extra characters in the Window's Session Title are there to indicate that user doesn't have full access. In the case of Exec access, it displays EXEC, and in case of View access it displays VIEW. The Remote viewer doesn't display these extra characters, if user has Full access (unless Primary Control Mode is enabled).