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I have removed (but not deleted) vPC Domains from the explorer pane how I can add them back again?


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I have removed (but not deleted) vPC Domains from the explorer pane how I can add them back again?




If you have used the remove option rather than delete so that a vPC Domain is no longer seen in the OneClick Explorer pane under the vPC Manager sub view you can rebuild the relations via CLI so that the model is also added back.

When you “remove” the model from the OneClick Explorer pane the VPCcontains relations will be removed but the collects relations should still be present. You can check this by doing from bash shell:

./show associations mh=<mh of the vPC Domain>

You will see something like:

LMHandle    LMName            Relation                         RMHandle    RMName

0x181f15    vPC Manager       Collects                         0x187afd    vPC-Domain-111

0x181f15    vPC Manager       Collects                         0x1a4e5d    vPC-Domain-222

0x181f15    vPC Manager       Collects                         0x1a51eb    vPC-Domain-333

0x181f15    vPC Manager       Collects                         0x1a51ee    vPC-Domain-444

0x181f15    vPC Manager       Collects                         0x1a51fb    vPC-Domain-555

In order to add the vPC Domain back under the vPC Manager sub view in OneClick Explorer tab you need to rebuild the vPCcontains relations.

To rebuild the vPCcontains relations and add a VPC Domain back under the vPC Manager sub view do the following:

1. From the locater tab > vPC Manager > All vPC peer Models using vPC Domain ID

2. From here you should be able to see the missing vPC Domain that has been removed.

3. Select the vPC Domain and note the model_handle from the attributes tab.

4. From a bash shell go to the $SPECROOT/vnmsh directory and then do ./connect

5. Then using the model handle of the missing vPC Domain issue following command:


./create association rel=VPCcontains lmh=<model handle of the vPC Manager> rmh=<model handle of the vPC-Domain>

Example assuming vPC-Domain-333 is missing under vPC Manager:

create association rel=VPCcontains rmh=0x181f15 lmh=vPC-Domain-333


6. After this do a show associations on the model handle of missing vPC Domain and you should see the vPCcontains relations should be present again and the vPC Domain should be present under the vPC Manager subview in OneClick.