How do you enable Route Statistic Polling in Spectrum?
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How do you enable Route Statistic Polling in Spectrum?


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How do you enable "Route Statistics Polling" for the VPN Manager in Spectrum? 

Looking in OneClick at the VPN Manager's Configuration subview -> Management Configuration subview, we see "Route Statistics Polling Interval" is set for 300 seconds, but when we look at the MplsVpn Container's "Route Statistics Polling" subview, all the values are zeroed out, and we see the following message: "Route Statistics Poll disabled for all device. No Data Available".

So what am I missing?




By default, the Route Statistics Polling is disabled. To enable the Route Statistics Polling you must enable it for each device participating in the VPN. 

This is done by changing the “Route Statistics Data” value, found in the MplsVpn Container model’s “Associated Edge Router” subview, from “No Polling” to “Polling” .  The subview can be found by selecting the MplsVpn container model, and looking in the "Component Detail' pane -> "Information" tab -> "Associated Edge Routers" subview.

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This changes the “RouteStatistics_EnableFlag” attribute (0x13360) from “No” to “Yes” and enables Spectrum to poll the “mplsVpnVrfPerTable” for the “MplsVpnApp” model associated with the device. Since the polling is enabled or disabled at the device level, once set, the polling will be enabled/disabled for every MplsVpn that the device participates in. 

For large networks, you may want to use the Attribute Editor, or a Policy Manager policy to enable the “RouteStatistics_EnableFlag” attribute (0x13360) for those devices you know participate in an MPLS VPN. 

Also, keep in mind the Polling Interval for “Route Statistics Polling” is controlled by the VPN Manager model, and not at the device. 

By default, Spectrum will poll for the “mplsVpnVrfPerTable” data every 300 seconds (5 minutes), for each of the devices that have the “RouteStatistics_EnableFlag” attribute (0x13360) set to "Yes". The Configuration subview can be found by selecting the VNP Manager model and looking in the "Component Detail" pane - "Information" tab - "Configuration" subview.

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Additional Information

Please reference the "MPLS-VPN Manager" section of the documentation for more information.


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