Are static ports supported ?
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Are static ports supported ?


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We are installing Pam Server Control 14 ENTM (HA architecture) in production environment (two windows server 2012 R2).


The client has provided a dynamic port for the communication between the entm and the rdbms (sql server) but in the manual is not specified if is possible or not to use it.


Is it going to work or a STATIC port is required?


Release: ACP1M005900-12.9-Privileged Identity Manager


Ports are used in several configuration files in the product, not just at installation. Therefore if port is dynamic and changes every time there is a connection the the Database, it may fail since it may end up being a different one than the one that is configured.

We should be using static ports for ENTM to RDBMS configuration