Client Automation - Why I can't reboot an Agent using "Remote Control -> Action -> Reboot" on DSM Explorer?
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Client Automation - Why I can't reboot an Agent using "Remote Control -> Action -> Reboot" on DSM Explorer?


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Occasionally, we may have the need to reboot a remote computer (or set of computers). One of the quickest ways to do so is selecting it from DSM Explorer, right clicking on it and selecting "Remote Control\Action\Reboot".


Why this feature is not working on my environment?



Client Automation 12.5.x, 12.8.x, 12.9 14.0.x


The following configuration parameter must be set to TRUE to allow Viewers to reboot the remote machines: 

/Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/ DSM/Remote Control/Host/General/Enable Reboot 

By default its value is FALSE, so in the out of the box installation the reboot feature is disabled.

As this parameter is for the remote Host machines to allow the Viewers to reboot them, the Configuration Policy must be applied to the remote machines that will be allowed to be rebooted. If the parameter is customized in the Default Computer Policy or any other existing policy, it will be applied to all systems that it was already applied when Sealed. If a new policy is used, it must be applied manually to the required Computers.

Additional Information

By default, this action will reboot the remote computer in 30 seconds and it will popup a window prompting the user who will be able to defer the reboot 5 minutes. 


Please note that there are other configuration policy values in the same location which can impact the reboot behavior like:

"Time before reboot" which is set to 30 seconds by default

"Defer reboot retries" which is set to 1 retry by default

"Defer reboot time" which is set to 300 seconds by default.


More information on this topic in the following link: 

RCHost General Policy Group