Symantec to Broadcom Transition Guide - Product Downloads


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Support Portal


All customer assets will be migrated to the Broadcom Support Portal where users will have the ability to authenticate to the portal and download software. To access the Broadcom Download Portal navigate to and select the Symantec Enterprise Security icon. 

The Broadcom Support Portal offers product downloads from two different portal experiences: Product Downloads and the Entitlement View. The following section covers the Product Download experience. For the Entitlement View, please refer to the Entitlement View section.


What is Different?

• Customers can search for a download by Product Name. Ex: ASG-S200, Endpoint Protection
• Release versions and languages are collapsed into drop down menus
• New Shopping Cart function allows users to select multiple files for their download cart

To access the Product Downloads section: 

1. Navigate to  
2. Click on the Symantec Enterprise Security tile 
3. Select the Product Downloads tile 

4. Select from entitled list of Support Products

• Similar to MySymantec ABEV, a customers will see all entitled products under the account(s) they are associated with
• Each product tile represents a Support Product
• A Support Product represents a set of SKUs

5. Select Version and Language. If language is not applicable to the release then menu will default to English

6. Initiate Download from file list

• List of files will be filtered by Version & Language 
• Version & Language can be re-filtered (upper right corner menus)
• Red Download Package button will download entire file set
Cart icon allows user to select specific files for download
Download icon downloads specific file via HTTP
FTP icon downloads specific file via FTP
Checksums will be automatically calculated as part of file publishing process

Additional Information

Known Issues 

• Products which contain both language-specific and multi-lingual releases will generate an error when selecting a language which does not exist for that release. For example, selecting a German language for a release which does not contains a German version (i.e. a multi-lingual release) will generate an error.
• Service Pack menus can be ignored for Symantec products – this menu is for CA Technology products.

Please see the Symantec to Broadcom Support Systems Transition Guide for more detail HERE.