GRLoader changes model name
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GRLoader changes model name


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I use the  GRLoader utility to import CIs into the MDB.

If I import a CI with a model that does not exist in the CMDB, CA Service Desk changes the model name to the next matching model that already exists in CA CMDB. What are the rules for this matching?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


The "matching" design is related only to the 'Model' attribute!
Following are the rules (Keep in mind that both Model and Manufacturer must be provided in the input file for the GRLoader):

Provided model is matched with exact model. i.e. if provided model is 'AAA 123' and 'AAA 123' exists, then it is matched.

If Model doesn't match any existing models, then if Model contains a space, the substring till the first space is matched with existing models to see if there is an exact. E.g. If CMDB has an existing model AAA and provided model is AAA 123, then the CI will have the model as AAA.
If step 2, doesn't result in a match, we search for models beginning with 'AAA'. If a model like 'AAA 111' is found, then this is a match and CI will have this model.

If two models exists like 'AAA 001' and 'AAA 111', 'AAA 123' will be matched with 'AAA 111'.