How may I add a user id as Telon administrator?
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How may I add a user id as Telon administrator?


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We would like to add a mainframe user id as the CA Telon administrator.

Where in the documentation are user accesses and user types documented?


Release: ESBTLN99000-5.1-Telon-Extended Support Basic


This information is in the Telon Design Facility Customization Section of the Implementation Guide. 

Page 16 states: Several of the CA Telon Design Facility parameters are tailored from the Installation Sub-menu panel.  This screen allows a CA Telon Administrator to several functions, including Customizing the user access for the user types.  This is the functionality we are needing to accomplish from the INSTALL panel.

Please see page 18 for the screen print of the panel, where you will type INSTALL from the command line once you have brought up the TDF. 

Please see page 26 for information on the three types of the TDF users: Controllers, Analysts, and Programmers. To update a restriction for each user type, please see page 28. 

Also on page 31, we have this information for you:  You may require non-functional security that is more restrictive than just keeping types of users from certain TDF functions. For example, you may want to restrict certain programmer user IDs from accessing particular headers in the TDF. 

To implement this type of security, you must write a custom security module. If you are running the TDF under TSO, you must link the security module REUSABLE and place it in your CA Telon execution LOAD library. If you are running the TDF under CICS, you must link it RESUSABLE and place it in your CA Telon CICS LOAD library. In either case, you must also update the TDF installation.

On the TDF Installation menu, enter  "UP" in the FUNCTION field, "IN" in the ITEM field, Module-name in the INSTALLATION SECURITY MODULE NAME field.  This causes the TDF to call the module from every TDF menu and from most of the list screens. 

We deliver a very basic skeleton of a security module in your CAWLSRC library. Please see members TNLCSCUR (TSO TDF) and TNMCSCUR (CICS TDF).