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Does the SmartStor Tool remove_metric command behave differently in APM 10.5.x and later?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  In APM 10.5 the SmartStor metadata format changed from a proprietary one to using RocksDB. This meant changes in the installation and SmartStor maintenance. These behavior differences are covered below.

  I am running APM 10.5.x. I've heard that the remove_metric in SmartStor Tools no longer acts the same way. Is this true? What is the changed behavior?


APM 10.5.x and later


Remove_metrics is still valid and working in 10.5 and later

However, the impact can be a little different due to the new metadata implementation using RocksDB. 

Pre-APM 10.5, customers were using remove_metric to delete historical data. However, this was not the intent of this option. It is only supposed to remove the metric definition in the metadata file. 

In APM 10.5 and later, if a metric is re-created again after removed, the old historical data will show up again, which was not the case before 10.5.x.  

So this became an area of confusion.



Additional Information

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