Question on loading a full build, How to?
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Question on loading a full build, How to?


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When we install a new build it is the same as installing for the first time, we have to redo our repository’s and roles each time. We typically export them and then re add them. But is there a way to install a new build and keep the data and settings you currently have in place?

Why do you have to redo repositories, roles and other definitions every time you update to a new Build of 12.1 Web Viewer? 




This symptom is usually the result of using the Derby internal database.

In order to keep your database settings when upgrading to a new build, you need to first save the /database/AdminDB file to somewhere outside the installation and then copy it back in post update, replacing the new one from the install. There may also be a RunTimeCacheDB file that does not need to be saved. This extra step to save your Web Viewer database settings is one of the reasons we recommend using an external database such as MSSQL, Oracle or DB2 instead of Derby. Details on the Derby database save are: 

Copy <your Windows Tomcat path>/webapps/CAOMWebViewer12/database/AdminDB 
To <your temp save directory path>database/AdminDB 


Additional Information

We do document a process to export all data from a Derby database to an XML file, which can then be used to import the data into any external database.